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Guildess’s guide to Gallery Night and Day

January 18, 2011

Guildess will be out this Friday and Saturday to check out what the first Gallery Night and Day of 2011 has to offer. Follow us as we explore!

First, Guildess will head to the Artworks for Milwaukee studio for the Third Annual Artworks for Milwaukee Gallery Night, “Art in the Neighborhood”.

Unveiling & auction of artwork created during the Fall 2010 Apprentice programs: “Positive Influence Project” and “Safe Place Mural”. Under the guidance of Lead Artist Kasia Drake-Hames, the “Positive Influence Project” give accolades to Milwaukee residents who make a difference in our communities. The “Safe Place Mural” Program with Lead Artist Katie Van Velzer, creates powerful anti-gun/gang/drug messages by youth, for youth through stunning arrays of color and mixed media.

Artworks for Milwaukee is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which prepares underserved teens to enter Milwaukee’s workforce by utilizing the arts as a method to teach employability skills.

Next, we will stop by Sparrow Collective for a collection of work, “Go West, Young Woman”, by Jessica Bublitz.

This body of work combines ideas of collecting, personal narrative, pop culture, and the compulsion to travel through collage, photography, and printmaking. The majority of the exhibit is Jessica’s photographs, which highlight hand painted and neon signage from her travels. She feels compelled to collect as many specimens of this vanishing piece of roadside history as she can. The second part of the exhibit revolves around women and childhood. Together the work speaks about her own history but one that is shared by many others. Through her pieces she hopes to bring attention to what she feels are important subjects yet are often overlooked.


Finally, Guildess will end the evening with Studio 420b, an artist collaborative community, for new work by Studio 420b Artists.

Paintings and drawings by Mark David Gray, Lindsay Marx, Ryan Woolgar and Sean Bodley. Urban art by Steven Ruiz and Fred Kames. Printmaking by Leslie Peckham.

Studio 420b is also a great place to talk to the artists about their current work and check out in progress work!

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  1. January 26, 2011 5:25 am

    Thank you for stopping by ArtWorks! I hope you enjoyed the art and festivities. We appreciate your support!

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