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Day 3, Anastasia Cazabon

March 9, 2011

Anastasia Cazabon, a photographer from Cambridge, MA, is Guildess’s pick for Day 3 of our week of female artists.

Cazabon is a graduate of New England School of Photography and Massachusetts College of Art and also the co-founder of the photography collective The Exposure Project. As the youngest of three sisters, she learned about the many facets of female relationships. When her two sisters went off to college at age five, Cazabon found herself making up a world of imaginary friends and adventures in their absence.

“My images are recreations of my childhood fantasies. Some are exaggerated and some are completely made up, but all are based on the feelings I had as a child. These are private moments in a young girls life, memories that usually fade over time.” – Cazabon

Cazabon’s most recent work explores the intense relationships between adolescent females, especially the feelings of rivalry, competition, loyalty, and love. With a strong narrative approach, she hopes the viewer is able to relate to the images and make up their own story.




An interview with Anastasia Cazabon can be found at myartspace.

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