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Guildess Goes Green for Spring

April 23, 2011

Join us this spring for a collection of earth friendly workshops, volunteer opportunities, and art-making with women in our community. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

DIY Earth day Project: As an artist and fashion designer I love to reuse/recycle old garments.  For this project we are going to RECYCLE an old T-shirt!

T-Shirt Spaghetti Scarf

Cost: $0 —- Time: 3 minutes —- Skill Level: Beginner

1. Find a medium sized t-shirt in any color that you like (I choose green to celebrate earth day).

2.  Cut the hem off of the bottom of the shirt.  Then cut T-shirt horizontally right below the armpits.


3.  Turn the shirt side ways and start to cut 1/2 inch strips all the way up (Leaving 1 inch at the top)  DON’T cut the strips all the way off!! 4. When you are finished cutting stretch each individual strip.  This is what will make them look like spaghetti!

5.  Wrap your scarf twice or wear it loose and be proud of your recycled garment!

-Miranda K Levy


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