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Guildess hosts seed bomb workshop…

May 2, 2011

Join Guildess for a workshop that combines our love for art and the environment! On June 4, 2011, Guildess will host a Guerrilla Gardening Workshop at Gordon Park.

Participants will learn about guerrilla gardening, how to create a classic clay seed ball, and the best areas to toss seed bombs. In addition, Guildess directors will demonstrate how to screen print a logo on burlap and sew a sack for carrying the completed seed bombs. A nature walk and discussion of the best places to toss seed bombs will follow.

What is a seed bomb? Seed bombing, also known as “Seed Grenades” is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping compressed clods of soil containing live vegetation. (wikipedia)

Cost: $5 – includes supplies for creating seed bombs and burlap satchel

Time: 1-4pm — June, 4, 2011

*Please RSVP to by May 28, 2011 to reserve your spot.


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