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July 9, 2011

Artists wanted for the Waukesha Community Art Project’s yarn bombing.

The Waukesha Community Art Project came to Guildess and asked for assistance in spreading the word about an awesome project they are working on.

Waukesha Community Art Project (WCAP) is a free art after school program for middle school students. The mission of WCAP is to help adolescents reach their own potential by developing their self-expression, creativity, problem solving skills, leadership skills and community involvement through quality after school art experiences.

Project Details:

The Waukesha Community Art Project is holding a Yarn Burst (otherwise known as yarn bombing). Installation is Aug. 5 and 6. They are looking for artists to create yarn pieces to beautify simple objects and structures around the downtown area of Waukesha.

They have 25 light poles, 4 cement benches, 6 stop lights, 5 walk button poles, and 16 garbage cans available to cover for the Yarn Burst. See their Facebook gallery to find dimensions and photographs of the objects in need of some pizazz.

“We are looking for all types of yarn art, and encourage both novice and expert crafters with open arms. We’d love to see works that may be humorous, functional, expressive and use unusual materials and/or push the knit/crochet envelope. Recycled knit and fiber materials are encouraged.”

The date of the installation is the day of a Waukesha Art Crawl (Aug. 5), which is very well attended.  All artists will be identified at the site of the artwork and at out downtown location. Please contact WCAP to claim an object/structure as your target for the Yarn Burst:

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