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Featured Artist: Leah K. Borkenhagen

September 1, 2011

This week, Guildess is featuring Milwaukee-based artist Leah K. Borkenhagen. Leah’s work caught my attention while I was surfing the web one day. The mix of vibrant, unnatural colors with natural subject matter creates a tension that I enjoy. – April Heding (Director)

Leah’s most recent work will be included in “Spirited”, a group exhibition featuring work by Leah Borkenhagen and Rebecca Schoenecker. This exhibition will be on display at the BeExposed! Gallery space from September 16 through October 16, 2011.


I’ve always been an artistic dabbler;  I like to keep my hands busy with a little bit of everything.  Whether it be painting, printmaking, collaging, interior work, jewelry, sculptor, etc., I enjoy it all.  Making art is about more than keeping myself occupied, it’s about taking my interpretation of the world as I see it and reconfiguring it through my hands. 

My work varies in theme and style, but generally I toy with ironies in our culture.  Animals often become metaphors for people and societal norms….snakes, sharks, lions…..I like leveling with the fierce and feared. 



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