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Featured Artist: Rebecca Schoenecker

September 13, 2011

Rebecca Schoenecker is Guildess’ Featured Artist of the Week! Her work caught my attention a few months ago, and continues to catch my attention every time I look at her website. Aside from the inviting and intriguing color palette, her subject matter is playful and fascinating. Although I am strongly drawn to her 2D work, Rebecca is a jack of all trades, dabbling in animation and sound, as well. I can only begin to imagine what her studio looks like!

Artist Statement:
I create works through weaving, embroidery, printmaking, drawing, painting, animation, music, and performance. Through these mediums I explore sexual power, fantasy, folklore, religion, and cultural memory.

I subvert ideals. By embroidering onto and altering traditional, gendered objects such as wigs or doilies, I change their meaning as objects of adornment. Similarly, as a songwriter and performer, I draw on spiritual and shamanistic musical traditions to create songs that both reminisce and controvert their histories.

I enjoy the magic of transforming a familiar object, song, or motif into something unexpected. In my world, the Sphinx is more powerful than the Great Pyramid, a male Centaur has beautifully feminine legs, and a Witch relishes in her own burning. I give age-old characters new dominion. Ultimately though, this confuses them; they are torn between all-powerful
and completely powerless.

Gendered histories and myths are so ingrained that we forget where they come from. By confusing these traditions, I invite the viewer and audience to create transformative, new histories.



Rebecca has work in Guildess’ exhibition “Spirited”, opening this Friday at the BeExposed Gallery space in Kenosha. You can read an article about Guildess and the exhibition here: Expose Kenosha.



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