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Featured Artist of the Week: Rose Tarman

October 13, 2011

Rose Tarman is Guildess’ Featured Artist of the Week!

Biography: Rose Tarman is a recent graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design who is in the process of relocating to Rome, Italy. Currently, she is working in installation form, combining photography, video and built environment to discuss ideas such as memory, home and familiarity and experiment with dislocating her viewers.  She was born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1988.

I asked Rose a few questions about inspiration, collaboration and her favorite female artist! Here’s what she said:

Your work has a poetic element to it, do you find inspiration in words?

Absolutely.  I’ve made several works that have included written or spoken components. I love the way certain textures of spoken words can create specific feelings or moods within a piece and how written words can hint toward something hidden within the visual.  I like to be as vague and ambiguous as possible when using text, it’s never my intention to give away much or allude to anything too specific, that way the viewer has to work a bit more to find connections.

How does collaboration play a role in your work?

I’ve practiced a healthy amount of collaboration, it’s something that I’d love to continue.  It’s a strange thing to be able to find a push and pull with another person in a way that takes the work to a new level. The brainstorming process might be the most fun for me, there’s a real honesty and immediacy that I love and a vocal process that I find refreshing.  I’ve had more technical relationships that have also been collaborative acts in my mind.  My most recent work, The Fly-by-Night, had a huge array of contributors in various ways.  I hadn’t ever built anything so extensive before, I new nothing about creating walls or a ceiling or installing flooring so I had to seek people who were confident in those areas to take part in the making of the piece. They influenced decisions I made and helped the piece grow into its final state.

Who is your favorite female artist? Why?

I have to say I’ve realized most of the artists I look up to are male, but I have absolutely looked toward Ann Hamilton and Nina Katchedourian often.  I admire Hamilton’s complete activation of space and tension between the visual and the viewer through that space.  Katchedourian brings out a more verbal, lighthearted side, finding levity in manipulated language and confusing natural order.


Are you currently working on anything?

My status with my work at the moment is only in concept.  I’m taking the summer to accomplish non-artistic endeavors and get myself to Italy in September.  Once I’m there and a little more established I plan on putting some of the ideas I’ve been floating around with to use and let my physical work evolve more.



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