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Guildess is a Contemporary Female Artist Guild. Our mission is to increase women’s involvement in the arts through exhibitions, outreach, education and community service. Unlike guilds of the past, Guildess is an association of women who are involved in arts advocacy. Together, we raise awareness for female artists and expand arts programming to underprivileged women and children in our community.


Guildess began in January 2009 with Miranda K. Levy and Brittany Parker.  Their goal was to provide a space for women to critique art after college graduation. They quickly expanded Guildess’ mission to focus on uniting female artists through professional development, art exhibitions, and community service.

Historically, a guild was an association of men involved in a similar trade. Together they formed support systems to create products and learn fiscal responsibility. Female involvement in a guild was rare and often frowned upon. However, a woman had the right to continue the craft of her husband after his passing. The few female guilds in existence generated domestic products through sewing, embroidery, knitting, spinning, and weaving.


Guildess /gild-s/: noun

1. a Contemporary Female Artist Guild

2. a collective organization of craftswomen active in the arts and community outreach

3. a name created to feminize the predominately male craft guild



The Guildess logo was created by Andrew Whitcomb. The logo is based on a system used by medieval Germanic stonemasons to create marks which identified their work. Many masonry traditions are unclear but their history has come to symbolize unity, and pride in their craftsmanship. The masons marks were often simple and geometric.  They are based off a complex grid system built from the intersection of squares and triangles inscribed in a circle. Rather than using a simple shape based off the grid as the original masons did, Whitcomb elected to adapt the entire grid system for the logo. It was the system underlying each individual mark that unifies their collective body of work. As a modern day collective of artisans dedicated to their craft, Guildess reflects the same principles of unity and pride associated with these craftsmen of the past. Geometric and symmetrical, the mark indicates precision, balance, unity, stability, and strength.

Today Guildess reconstructs the notion of a Guild to encompass contemporary female art practices. Our mission places a larger emphasis on community involvement in the arts, reaching out to underprivileged women, children and volunteerism.

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